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Take a look at what some of our customers are saying about WebReport/i after using it on their systems:

  • I have been working with WebReport/i and Kisco Information Systems for many years. The company and their products are solid, bullet proof and most important work exactly as expected.

    In a recent upgrade of WebReport/i a feature to send reports to an internal Intranet to be viewed in a browser became available. I implemented the feature and the users love it.

    I suggested improving the product by adding a sort feature. It was done in seven business days ... amazing!!!

    IT Director, Bricklayers Funds Office - October 2015

  • I love this program!

    Itís so easy to use and to send off a report as needed. Works great!

    Bob Willis, United Grain Corporation - September 2011

  • You guys provide the best customer support ever!

    I have 20+ years in the IT field. So far I have contacted your company 3 times for customer support. Each time I received a reply in less than one hour. Twice I had a solution to my problem the same day. This last time was a feature request, which was confirmed the next day to be added to the next product release.

    Are you kidding? I have never had better support!

    Carl Lance, Set, Inc. - April 2010

  • I am once again amazed by your outstanding customer service! WebReport/i has made a huge impact on our organization, and every time I have had a question, you have responded within minutes. I only wish I were able to provide my own customers with the same response time!

    Gary Holbrook, Set, Inc. - August 2009

  • Thank you for making the application changes we requested so quickly. It is working great!

    Timothy Johnson, Whirley Industries - June 2009

  • I have installed the PTF you sent and tested the conversion. It works great! As always your help and quick response is very much appreciated. I must say your company has the best support of any I have ever dealt with. You have just helped solve a request that has been two years in the making.

    Donna McDole, Gates Canada - February 2009

  • Remember us if you need any testimonials about WebReport or about your professional integrity.

    Bob Weinstein, Cenveo - October 2006

  • By the way, although I have only worked with the product for a couple of days now, I am impressed with the ease with which it works and with the flexibility in the number of options (EMail/save to disk and PDF/TXT/HTML). I can see us using this in many ways to provide more to our users and also to help our IS department in modernizing the image of our system.

    Fishman & Tobin, Inc. - August 2003

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