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WebReport/i is an e-Business software product for the IBM iSeries-AS/400. It provides two functions for electronically processing iSeries-AS/400 reports. It can send reports as E-mail or fax. It can also convert reports to simple HTML, RTF, PDF, XLS, XLSX, TIF or CSV documents for deployment on a company's Intranet or at their Internet Website.

Note: WebReport/i was previously known as WebReport/400. The name of the software was changed with Release 12 of the product.

Using WebReport/i, users within an organization can:

  • Automatically send daily sales reports to field sales staff as E-mail

  • E-mail control reports to management rather than printing lots of one and two page reports that just get thrown away every day

  • Distribute reports through a built-in Report Intranet website that is served from your IBM System i using the HTTP Apache webserver feature in the IBM i/OS

  • Share reports via Google Drive (formerly called Google Docs) by inserting reports directly from your IBM i into any Google Drive account.

  • Share reports via Dropbox by inserting reports directly from your IBM i into any Dropbox account.

  • Post weekly and monthly sales reports to an Intranet Website rather then printing multiple copies for manual distribution

  • Automatically route status reports and joblogs from overnight processing for early morning checking by programmers

  • Post customer-based reports to the organizations Internet Website

  • Transfer report contents to Excel or other spreadsheet programs

  • Transfer any OS/400 spool file to another system for printing

  • Archive a spool file for later restoration and printing on your system

  • Define fill-in text boxes for spool files converted into PDF documents for end-user entry purposes

  • Split reports to different delivery destinations based on report content, such as region code, customer number or salesman number

WebReport/i will process any character-based report from the IBM i print spool. Users can execute the functions manually or set them up to run automatically. The software provides commands to permit calls to WebReport/i features from user application programs as well.

WebReport/i comes as a choice of two different products. WebReport/i contains all of the basic features described at this website except the Adobe Acrobat, XLS, TIF, i/OS spool file transfer and CSV conversions. When you purchase WebReport/i PDF, it adds the support for Adobe Acrobat, XLS, TIF, i/OS spool file transfer and CSV conversions. With the PDF version, WebReport/i can also process AFPDS and IPDS spool files, including AFPDS overlays. This feature lets you merge document overlays with your spool files.

WebReport/i sends reports as E-mail attachments. Users can send E-mail distribution to a single user or to an unlimited number users concurrently. WebReport/i works with standard E-mail server functions included in IBM's i/OS. It will distribute to internal E-mail addresses or to external addresses via the Internet. Reports can be distributed as either TXT (Text), RTF (Rich Text Format), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), XLS (Excel spreadsheet), TIF (Tagged Image File), i/OS spool files or CSV (Comma Separated Values) E-mail attachments. Destination Email addresses can be stored in a built-in Address Book. These addresses can then be referred to by easy to enter abbreviated names.

WebReport/i can also convert reports into simple HTML, RTF, PDF, TIF, XLS or CSV documents. Users can then deploy these documents for viewing by any web browser software. It can make reports available for either Intranet use within an organization or viewing at an Internet Website. For HTML conversions, WebReport/i will even generate a link index to the report for faster reference, including a quick skip to the end of the report. It can also add HTML code blocks at the beginning or end of your report. Using this feature, you can include standard banners and other options that you can code using HTML. PDF conversions also include a page index for quick reference and a variety of security features to provide for password access control and other security restrictions. Converted files can be made available through a built-in Intranet that is included with the software and hosted directly on your IBM i using the Apache server in the i/OS.

WebReport/i will also let you store your spool files in spool file format in your shared folder system or anywhere in the Integrated File System. Once the spool files are stored, you can then archive them to CD-Rom or store them off-line. At any time, you can recall these spool files back onto your system. This lets you create permanent copies of your spool files for archive purposes.

WebReport/i also contains event monitoring features with integrated email notification. The Message Monitor will watch any message queue on your system and notify you when a qualifying message has been received in the queue. The File Monitor function can be used to keep track of critical files on your system and let you know when someone adds a record, deletes a record, updates a record and even reads a record from the file.

WebReport/i includes a history log that records all operations within WebReport/i. Users can view or print the log to track activity within the software product.

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Price Information

WebReport/i PDF Price: $2,195.00. Additional copies can be purchased at a discount.

WebReport/i PDF for LPAR Price: $3,625.00. Lets you install WebReport/i PDF in as many partitions as you want on your LPAR box.

WebReport/i Price: $1,425.00. Additional copies can be purchased at a discount.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% of the purchase price thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

Both products available for FREE 30 day trial. When your place your order for a trial, Kisco will ship the WebReport/i PDF product. After you evaluate the product, if you choose to purchase the basic WebReport/i, Kisco will provide instructions to reconfigure your software for the different product.

Place your order here for a FREE trial of WebReport/i.

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