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New with Release 2 of SNDTWEET, we have added a Remote Status Inquiry feature. Using this new capability, you can submit directed tweets to SNDTWEET using Twitter. Depending on which option you select, you can receive tweets back that provide you with a variety of system status information.

To submit a status inquiry, all you do is send a directed tweet to the Twitter ID for your System i server. A typical inquiry might look like this from your cell phone, PDA, Laptop, etc:

d MySystemi .STSA.

The above inquiry is for current system activity information. Your system, once it has processed this request, will respond with a tweet that will look like this:

MYSYSNAM: System Activity: .7% system used, 211 jobs in system, 30.4730% ASP used 2010-04-16/10:27/mytwitterid

From this, you can see that the system is basically idle with very low system activity and there is plenty of disk space available. It also reports the date and time of the information along with the Twitter ID of the user who requested the information.

Here is a list of the system status options that are currently available.

  • STSA - Show current system activiy.
  • STSB - Show summary of current system batch activity.
  • STSJ - Show current status for a specific job, by job name.
  • STSP - List user profiles currently signed on interactively.
  • STSPA - Show interactive details for a specific user profile.
  • STST - Show current SNDTWEET Monitors that are active.
  • STSU - Show summary of current interactive activity.
  • HELP or ? - Send list of current status commands available.

We are continuing to develop new remote status inquiries, check back here for further updates.

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