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SNDTWEET runs on your IBM i. Several applications are available within the software. The application that is most popular with our current users is the message queue monitor feature.

Using this feature, when a message arrives at the monitored message queue (like QSYSOPR where the system operation messages are posted), SNDTWEET will take the message and post it to Twitter. When that happens, everyone that is registered to "follow" your system's Twitter account will then receive a message from Twitter with the details of the message from your IBM i.

If the message is one that requires a response, any of the followers can then respond to the message. When your IBM i receives the response, notification is sent back out through Twitter that the message has been answered so that the other "followers" will know that it has been taken care of.

Another popular application is submitting remote status inquiries. Using this feature, any follower of your IBM i's Twitter account can submit a remote status inquiry through Twitter. When it is received at your IBM i, the requested status is then posted back as a Tweet. All of your followers will receive the status update.

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