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Date last updated: October 18, 2018

To download a copy of SNDTWEET for a FREE TRIAL, select the software download link below. This will transfer an ISO file to your PC. You should also download the user's manual. Once you have downloaded the software and manual, follow the instructions shown below.

We recommend that you print this page to have a hardcopy checklist for the installation process.

File Downloads:

CLICK HERE for SNDTWEET software download.

After downloading the software, download the user's guide. It is in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, click on the icon below to get your free copy from Adobe:

SNDTWEET User's Guide - Release 4 in Adobe Acrobat format.

SNDTWEET User's Guide - Release 3.04 in Adobe Acrobat format.
SNDTWEET Addendum - Release 3.16 and higher (required) in Adobe Acrobat format.

To get your free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, CLICK HERE

Internet Install Instructions

Before you install or upgrade SNDTWEET, make sure to read all of the following notes.

Prerequisites: SNDTWEET requires that the IBM i/OS on your system include options #30 and #34 for Qshell and DCM support. To check this, go to the LICPGM menu (GO LICPGM) and select menu option #10. Press the F11 key twice so that the "Product Option" is showing in the second column of the display. Check to see of options 30 and 34 are showing for the base OS. This should appear on the first or second panel of the display. If one or the other is not showing, you must first install the additional support before you continue with this installation.

Note: If you prefer installing the software from a hard CD, most CD burner software will allow you to burn a CD from the downloaded ISO CD image file. If you want to take this route, refer to the install instructions in the user's guide.

Note:: During installation, a special user profile will be created: SNDTWEET. This profile is required for the proper operation of the software. The install process will automatically create this profile on your system as a *SECOFR class profile, but it is created without a password and in disabled state. As a result, it cannot be used for any logon process on your system.

Note: If you are upgrading an existing SNDTWEET installation and your current installed version of SNDTWEET is release 4.16 or earlier, you must do the following BEFORE you install your upgrade.

This upgrade includes updates to the Receive Tweets functions that are used for responding to error messages, submitting remote commands, etc. As a result, SNDTWEET security has been changed and the security setting, if in use, will need to be preserved for your SNDTWEET installation. Before you install the upgrade, make sure you run option 8 on the INSTALL menu. For each entry listed, put a 5 next to it and get a print key of the screen display. After the upgrade has been installed, review the Additional Documentation Topics on the steps that you will need to take. The entries in the security settings will have been removed during the upgrade install process and you must rebuild them manually following the upgrade.

To install SNDTWEET on your system from the SNDTWEET_CD_Image.iso file you received via E-mail or Website Download, please follow these exact instructions. Please note that these instructions can be used whether you are installing SNDTWEET for the very first time or if you are upgrading an existing SNDTWEET installation.

  1. Sign on to your System i from a PC that is configured for iSeries Access. You must sign on using the special IBM-supplied user profile QSECOFR. Make sure that your session is the only one that is signed on as QSECOFR during this process.

  2. If you are upgrading an existing SNDTWEET installation, make sure that nobody is using SNDTWEET for the duration of the upgrade, including any applications that use SNDTWEET to send automatic notices.

  3. Check the following system values. They should be set as indicated here. If they are not, note the current settings then change them to these settings:

    QVFYOBJRST - value 3 or lower
    QFRCCVNRST - value 0

  4. Run the following command to create an IFS folder to hold the CD image file:

    MKDIR DIR(kiscocd)

  5. Run the following command to create a virtual optical device:


  6. Run the following command to create an image catalog:


  7. From your PC, create a folder on your desktop named TEMP and move the SNDTWEET_CD_Image.iso file into it.

  8. From your desktop, click on the iSeries Navigator. When it opens, all operations here will take place on the right side of the display box. Click on the following sequence of items displayed:
    • Your System i location
    • File Systems (Note: if this does not appear, you will have to install additional iSeries Access functions on your PC to complete this procedure.)
    • Integrated File System
    • root
    • kiscocd
    Now drag and drop the file from the TEMP folder on your PC desktop into the right-hand box of the iSeries Navigator display. This will transfer these files into the folder.

  9. Now go back to the command line and run the following command to load the file into the image catalog:


    Note: If you have installed other Kisco software or previous versions of SNDTWEET, you will need to make sure that the current SNDTWEET CD Image is the only one now active on your system. Use the WRKIMGCLG command and check the Image Catalog named KISCOCAT to make sure there is only one entry posted.

  10. From the command line, run the following command to load the image catalog entry:


  11. From the command line, run the following command to ready the virtual optical device:


  12. From the command line, run the following command to load the image catalog:


  13. From the command line, run the install process with the following command:


  14. Before you can use SNDTWEET, you will have to create a Digital Certificate and assign it to the SNDTWEET application. Instructions for accomplishing this are in the User's Guide.

This will install the software on your system for your thirty day trial period. At the end of the install process, a screen will be prompted for the TWEETSET command. Please review your documentation for instructions on how to complete this screen. If you do not have a Twitter ID set up yet for your System i, you can leave that part of the screen blank, but make sure you come back to this and enter the proper values before you start using SNDTWEET. If the value is blank or incorrect, make sure to enter the correct values. Keep in mind that Twitter IDs are case sensitive.

During the install processing, a document called "Additional Documentation Topics" will print. This includes the latest system changes and documentation since the last time the user manual was updated.

When you have completed your evaluation of SNDTWEET, you may purchase a permanent installation copy by contacting us and arranging payment.

If you have just completed installing an upgrade of your already active license for SNDTWEET, please contact Kisco and advise them that you have updated to a new release level. Let us know the specific version that you have just installed so we can keep our records current about your installation.

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