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SNDTWEET consists of a group of utilities, including the SNDTWEET command, that let you monitor system activity and also post "tweets" to any active Twitter account. After installing the software and completing some Twitter account configuration tasks, just go to the main system menu:


To send a tweet through Twitter, just select option #1 from the menu or use the SNDTWEET command. When you prompt this command, the following screen will be displayed:


Fill in the Twitter user name and your short message. Twitter supports up to 140 characters in each message. Press ENTER and your "tweet" is complete.

SNDTWEET also includes several system monitoring utilities. These include a message queue monitor function and a file monitor function. The message queue monitor function, for example, will allow you to watch for error messages on the system operator message queue (QSYSOPR) and tweet these errors through twitter. The following is a prompt of a typical setup for monitoring for errors in the system operator message queue:

QSYSOPR message queue monitor prompt

In this case, only messages with a severity level of 70 or higher will get reported. This monitor will also set up to allow message replies to be sent back to your system through Twitter to answer errors and deal with messages without having to travel to a terminal just to issue a message reply.

Using the SNDTWEET command, you can imbed tweets in your own CL programs or even add them to your system job scheduler. Anywhere that you can use a System i command, you can place a tweet.

When you get SNDTWEET fully implemented, your Twitter account activity might look like this:

Twitter activity panel

In this example, you can see a mix of status messages and error situations being reported via Twitter. The last item issued is an error message that can be replied to through Twitter to answer the error message. Keep in mind that while this display is taken from the Twitter.com website, all of this activity can be sent to your cell phone, PDA, LapTop and more.

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