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ScreenSafer/400 provides a way to guard your screen session from unauthorized use and from unauthorized observation of the screen contents. The following screens show how this can work on your system:

As an example, suppose you are working on a terminal session and your supervisor asks you to come into their office for a few minutes. You get up and leave with the following potentially confidential information displayed on your terminal session:

Demo Screen 1

With ScreenSafer/400 installed, after a short pause, this screen is replaced with a choice of screens. The example shown here is our exclusive "shuffle" screen, but there are several other options including a simple blank screen:

Demo Screen 2

When you get back from your meeting with your supervisor, all you need to do to resume working on your terminal session is press ENTER. At this point, the following screen is displayed:

Demo Screen 3

After supplying your user profile's password, the screen returns to normal and you can continue working as normal. Your work flow picks up right where you left off when you were called away and your terminal session is maintained.

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