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Kisco Information Systems can provide customers with on-site training for installation, configuration and use of SafeNet/i. We customize each training session to your specific needs and requirements.

Typical training subjects covered include:

  • Product Overview
  • Installation Preparation
  • Installation
  • Post - Installation
  • Collecting/Reviewing Network Transactions
  • Setting up for Secure Computing
  • Entering The Security Parameters
  • Advanced Setup/Usage
  • Testing the setup
  • Client Notification of Restrictions
  • Implementing SafeNet
  • Automation
  • Advanced Analysis/troubleshooting
  • Future Directions

Training is an additional cost option for SafeNet/i customers. Training sessions can vary from one day to three days and are held at your location. Charges vary depending on the specific arrangements. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for training, please contact us using the E-mail link below on this page.

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