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SafeNet/i Servers (Exit Points) Supported
No. Server Description User Level Support Object Level Support *
1 Distributed Data Management Yes Yes
2 DRDA DB2 Database Access Rqst Yes No
3 Original Data Queue Server Yes Yes
4 Original License Mgmt Server Yes No
5 Original Message Server Yes No
6 Network Print Server - entry Yes No
7 Network Print Server - spool file Yes Yes
8 File Server Yes Yes
9 Original Remote SQL Server Yes Yes
10 Change User Profile Yes No
11 Change User Profile - Before Change Yes No
12 Create User Profile Yes No
13 Delete User Profile - After Delete Yes No
14 Delete User Profile - Before Delete Yes No
15 Restore User Profile Yes No
16 Original File Transfer Function Yes Yes
17 Telnet Device Initialization Yes No
18 Telnet Device Termination Yes No
19 FTP Client Request Validation Yes No
20 FTP Server Request Validation Yes Yes
21 FTP Server Logon Yes No
22 FTP Server Logon extended (200) Yes No
23 FTP Server Logon extended (300) Yes No
24 REXEC Server Request Validation Yes No
25 REXEC Server Logon Yes No
26 REXEC Server Logon extended (301) Yes No
27 DHCP Address Binding Notify Yes No
28 DHCP Address Release Notify Yes No
29 TFTP Server Request Validation Yes No
30 Original Virtual Print Server Yes Yes
31 Prepower Down System Exit Point Yes No
32 Database Server - entry Yes No
33 Database Server - data base access Yes Yes
34 Database Server - data base access extended (200) Yes Yes
35 Database Server - object information Yes Yes
36 Database Server - object information extended (200) Yes No
37 Database Server - SQL access Yes Yes
38 Database Server - SQL access extended (200) Yes Yes
39 Data Queue Server Yes Yes
40 Remote Command/Program Call Yes Yes
41 Central Server - license mgmt Yes No
42 Central Server - conversion map Yes No
43 Central Server - client mgmt Yes No
44 TCP Signon Server Yes No
45 Spooled File Security (i/OS 7.1 and later only) Yes Yes
45 Showcase Database Server Yes Yes


* - Exit points do not support object level controls when the exit point data stream passed from the OS does not contain any object level information.

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