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SafeNet/i Price Matrix

Note: These prices will become effective as of January 1, 2019. For a price quote before that date, contact Kisco Information Systems directly.

See separate table below for LPAR pricing and policy.

Price schedule for your SafeNet/i Lite
Number of Users Price Per User Maintenance*
Unlimited Users 1,500.00 n/a 225.00

Price schedule for your SafeNet/i **
Number of Users Price Per User Maintenance*
Base - up to 25 users 2,885.00 115.40 433.00
From 26 - 100 users 5,700.00 57.00 855.00
From 101 - 200 users 6,405.00 32.03 991.00
For unlimited users *** 7,160.00 n/a 1074.00

* Maintenance - First year maintenance is included in the price of the product. The annual maintenance fee is billed about one year after purchase.

** The first copy of SafeNet/i is always sold at the base price shown on the table. Multiple purchase discounts are available, contact Kisco Information Systems for details.

*** When you purchase an unlimited user license, support for Group Profile, Supplemental Group Profile and control for Anonymous FTP is automatically activated.

SafeNet/i LPAR Pricing and Policy

LPAR allows an IBM i to be partitioned into multiple systems all residing on a single IBM i with a common serial number. Kisco Information Systems offers an LPAR license permitting multiple installs on the same system in separate partitions. The following price table applies to all LPAR licenses. No additional discounts are available. The number of users is the maximum number required for any single partition. This number of users will be available in each partition. LPAR licenses are available for SafeNet/i Lite and SafeNet/i.

SafeNet/i Lite LPAR Price schedule
Number of Users Price Maintenance*
For unlimited users *** 2,990.00 449.00

SafeNet/i LPAR Price schedule
Number of Users Price Maintenance*
Base - up to 25 users 5,192 779.00
From 26 - 100 users 10,169.00 1525.00
From 101 - 200 users 11,522.00 1728.00
For unlimited users *** 12,873.00 1931.00

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