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We frequently get asked how SafeNet/i compares to our competitors. While we have not taken a very close look at the competition (we're too busy working on our own product), we have kept track of what our customers tell us about them. Here is a summary of what we've heard so far about some of the competition:

PowerTech (formerly PowerLock): Our customers tell us that PowerTech forces you to change your approach to IBM i/OS security. If the customer already has a lot of time invested in their IBM i/OS security setup, then PowerTech changes that. Also, our customers report to us that SafeNet/i is a lot easier to administer. It is also our understanding the SafeNet/i is more affordable.

PentaSafe: Our customers tell us that they like SafeNet/i because of its exclusive focus on the network security problems on the SafeNet/i. PentaSafe wants you to buy into this huge solution, but the real exposure on the SafeNet/i is network access controls. SafeNet/i focuses where the need is very real, and it does so for a lot less money than PentaSafe.

We have also heard from a number of customers who report to us that our Customer Service is superior to that provided by our competitors. When issues come up with SafeNet/i, we respond quickly and to the point.

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