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Since its introduction in 1988, the iSeries (originally AS/400) has included a good adhoc reporting tool called Query/400. Using any iSeries database, reports and query displays can be easily and quickly created. Many installations have even implemented Query/400 reports and displays into their production environment.

This is all well and good, until it comes time to make changes to the database. Then, you have to remember which queries on your system use the changed database and then update each one so that it will not fail the next time the query is run. If you only have a small handful of queries, this is not a problem; but if you have more than just a few, it can be quite a task identifying the queries that need to be "recompiled".

This is where QRYTool/400 comes in.

Using QRYTool/400, you can analyze the queries that are defined in a specific library (or in all libraries) and then review the queries that use any specific file object. The analysis can optionally include Query output files too. This will let you quickly identify the queries that need to be changed. Once a library has been analyzed, you can also display the query source code as a quick reference for how the query works.

The review process is a two step process. The first part extracts information from your system about existing query definitions. Then, the second part either displays this information or lists the information on a report. You can choose to analyze the queries from a single library or from all libraries on your system. When using the on_line review option, you can even switch over to update your queries and you can also select queries to run them.

Price Information

Price: $395.00

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

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