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iEventMonitor is system monitoring software tool for the IBM i (Power System i/iSeries/AS400) family of computer systems.

Using iEventMonitor, users within an organization can:

  • Watch any message queue on the system for important status messages.

  • Send alert email messages when monitored events happen.

  • Send alert text messages to your smartphone using email to text.

  • Optionally send a break message to specific user profiles if they are signed on when the event happens.

  • Optionally call a user program when a qualifying message is received, passing details about the message to the user program.

  • Keep an eye on critical total disc space and provide early warning if a significant change in storage is seen.

  • Watch any message queue on the system for a specific message ID, regardless of message severity.

  • Watch a specific job and send an alert when it ends.

  • Watch for a specific job to start and send an alert when it comes active.

  • Filter out messages that you prefer to ignore.

  • Watch any job queue on the system and send an alert when the number of jobs waiting to start exceeds a threshold value that you set.

  • Watch any output queue on the system and send an alert when the number of spool files at ready status exceeds a threshold that you set.

  • Watch all jobs in an interactive subsystem for excessive CPU use which can be an indication of a runaway job.

  • Monitor specific files on the system for activity such as new records added, records changed, records deleted and even records read. Provide either detailed alerts or summary alerts.

  • Monitor for security audit events on your system and generate alerts when they occur.

  • Watch for a specific user profile to sign on/off from any interactive session on your system. Lets you track infrequent users, critical users, remote software providers, super users.

  • Watch a job queue and issue an alert if it gets placed on Hold status.

  • When a inquiry (ie: error) message is detected at a message queue and not answered within a given period of time, issue a reminder alert that the message is still pending.

  • Watch jobs for Lock Wait status (LCKW) and issue an alert if found including reminder alerts until the lock-wait is cleared.

  • Watch a job for Mutex Wait status (MTXW) and issue an alert if found including reminder alerts until the status is resolved.

  • An activity log records all alerts issued along with the full text of the alert, when the alert was issued and who it was sent to.

iEventMonitor lets you send alerts to one or multiple destinations. You can use an email address, a user profile or a combination of both. When a user profile is used, iEventMonitor checks to see if the user is signed on to the system and sends a break message to each location where the user profile is active.

Do you have questions about iEventMonitor? E-mail them to us:

Price Information

iEventMonitor - for a single partition - Price: $495.00. Additional copies can be purchased at a discount.

iEventMonitor - for LPAR - Price: $795.00. Lets you install iEventMonitor in as many partitions as you want on your LPAR box.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% of the purchase price thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

iEventMonitor is available for a FREE 30 day trial.

Place your order here for a FREE trial of iEventMonitor.

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