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iEventMonitor is system monitoring software tool for the IBM i (Power System i/iSeries/AS400) family of computer systems.

Using iEventMonitor, users within an organization can:

  • Watch any message queue on the system for important status messages.

  • Send alert email messages when monitored events happen.

  • Send alert text messages to your smartphone using email to text.

  • Optionally send a break message to specific user profiles if they are signed on when the event happens.

  • Optionally call a user program when a qualifying message is received, passing details about the message to the user program.

  • Keep an eye on critical total disc space and provide early warning if a significant change in storage is seen.

  • Watch any message queue on the system for a specific message ID, regardless of message severity.

  • Watch a specific job and send an alert when it ends.

  • Watch for a specific job to start and send an alert when it comes active.

  • Filter out messages that you prefer to ignore.

  • Watch any job queue on the system and send an alert when the number of jobs waiting to start exceeds a threshold value that you set.

  • Watch all jobs in an interactive subsystem for excessive CPU use which can be an indication of a runaway job.

  • Monitor specific files on the system for activity such as new records added, records changed, records deleted and even records read. Provide either detailed alerts or summary alerts.

  • Monitor for security audit events on your system and generate alerts when they occur.

  • Watch for a specific user profile to sign on/off from any interactive session on your system. Lets you track infrequent users, critical users, remote software providers, super users.

  • Watch a job queue and issue an alert if it gets placed on Hold status.

iEventMonitor lets you send alerts to one or multiple destinations. You can use an email address, a user profile or a combination of both. When a user profile is used, iEventMonitor checks to see if the user is signed on to the system and sends a break message to each location where the user profile is active.

Do you have questions about iEventMonitor? E-mail them to us:

Price Information

iEventMonitor - for a single partition - Price: $495.00. Additional copies can be purchased at a discount.

iEventMonitor - for LPAR - Price: $795.00. Lets you install iEventMonitor in as many partitions as you want on your LPAR box.

Maintenance: Free for first year of ownership. Annual fee of 15% of the purchase price thereafter. See company policies section for more information.

Ordering Information

iEventMonitor is available for a FREE 30 day trial.

Place your order here for a FREE trial of iEventMonitor.

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