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BlueFax Recent Updates and Changes

Last Updated: March 16, 2005

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Complete New Release Now Available for Server and PC Client

A complete new version of the BlueSeries is now available. This latest release of BlueSeries for fax and email customers add many new features and capabilities to the product.

New BlueFax PC Client Available

A new version of the BlueFax PC Client is now available. BlueFax Client 2000 is a complete rewrite and upgrade to the PC Client software for BlueFax. The client software is now a fully integrated client/server application with full support for the common address book, status reports, fax viewing and more.

Support for IBM 7852-400 Modem

BlueFax now supports the popular IBM dat/fax modem model 7852-400 for inbound and outbound fax traffic. This modem is shipped with most new AS/400's and makes a very reliable fax modem. Customers can now elect to use their existing IBM modem instead of the modem supplied with the software. A modest price adjustment is available.

Automatic Linking of Forms Overlays

BlueFax now supports linking forms overlays automatically with print spool output. The overlays can be linked on the forms type or for a specific printer. When an overlay is linked, that overlay is automatically included with all output the meets the link criteria. This can be used to automatically use an invoice overlay with invoice output.

New Fonts available for BlueFax applications

Many additional fonts are now available for use in BlueFax applications. Standard fonts supplied with the software now include Arial, Courier, CG Times, Univers and normal line print. These can be used in fixed or proportional spacing and have a variety of point sizes. They also have bold and italics versions available. Additional fonts are available for an extra fee.

Win95 Client Now Available

PC Client software is now available for BlueFax. It can be ordered from Kisco Information Systems via E-mail and is now distributed with all new shipments of BlueFax. Current customers who would like to received the Win95 client software for evaluation should contact us.

Retry of Failed Fax Transmissions Changed

Effective date: 10/22/97

When a fax tranmission fails, BlueFax automatically resends the fax after a short interval. With this change, the fax retransmission will resume the transmission at the point of the failure. Prior to this change, the entire fax would be resent. Now, only the portion of the fax that was not sent, including the failing page, will be sent.

Note: All Enhancements and Features listed below are for Release Level 1.02

Support added for Fax Broadcast

Effective date: 10/09/96

A new utility program has been added to BlueFax to support Fax Broadcast. With the new utility, your application program can prepare a single print spool file containing imbedded fax instructions to multiple fax locations. The utility will then process your spool file and convert it into independent faxes for transmission to their independent destinations.

Technical Bulletins

Sending Fax from an attached PC Word Processing Program

You can use a virtual printer to print SCS from any Windows word processor and have that output directed to fax via Blue Fax. To set this up, do the following:

  1. Create a printfile on the AS/400 as follows:

    CRTPRTF FILE(FAX/FAX) TEXT("Default fax printer file from PC")

  2. Create a "Generic / Text Only" printer in the Windows Print Manager on each PC that needs the ability to send documents via Blue Fax.
  3. Create a link to the printer file in step 1 using Client Access/400 virtual print program. This must be done while Client Access/400 is active and connected to the AS/400.
  4. Start the PC word processing program and select the new printer as the output printer for your document. Use the instructions in your user guide for coding the fax number on the first line of the document.

If you are using a Client other than Windows 3.xx, you can probably deduce the correct steps to set this up by reviewing the above procedure. Call us if you need help with this.

Note that this method can only use SCS print. Graphics output from your word processor (such as proportionate fonts, logos, etc.) are not currently supported. Support for graphics output is planned for the next release of Blue Fax.

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