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BlueSeries Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: September 10, 2002


I want to send faxes using the Internal Modem on my system but it does not seem to be working.

Before you use the internal modem, you must make sure, that the country code is set correctly in "Network Attributes". You can use the following procedure to do this:

  1. Select an OS/400 command line and enter the follwing command:
  2. Scroll down to the last panel, the value in the country code must display the physical location of the iSeries. If you see the value *SAME for the parameter "Modem country ID", then press F4=Prompt to select the right country (US for the United States, as an example) and then press ENTER to record the change.
  3. When this is done you will have to recreate the line, controller and device for the fax product.
  4. Make sure the fax subsystem is shut down by running option #18 on the fax system menu (you will have to wait a minute or two for the subsystem to shut down completely).
  5. Go to option #12 on the fax system menu and delete the entry there for CMN01.
  6. Go to the IBM menu CFGCMN and use the various menu options to find and delete the line, controller and device descriptions already created for FAX001.
  7. Go back to option #12 on the fax menu and recreate the fax environment by doing the following steps:
    • Press F6 to create the line
    • Press F4 to select the right "Resource Name"
    • Use "1" to select CMN01 2771 Comm Port
    • Press Enter
    • Select the IBM Internal Single port 2771
This should get you going.
Does BlueFax Client 2000 work with the XP operating system?

According to Agent Data ApS, the developer for BlueFax, the BlueFax Client 2000 software does work on the XP operating system. In fact, this is the platform that they use in their development offices.

I want to send faxes automatically. I set up the imbedded fax directive statements, but when I route the spool files to the standard FAXOUT outputque, the faxes to not get sent.

Check the joblog for the FAXPREP job running in the FAX subsystem on your system. Check to see it the following message is displayed:

Output Queue FAXOUT in library FAX is not monitored by BlueFax
If this is the case, start menu option #13 from the FAX menu. If there is no entry in the display for the FAXOUT output queue, then add one and be sure the make it library specific to the library named FAX. If there is an entry, delete it and then add a new one making sure to make it library specific.
The documentation manual refers to a FAXBRDCST (Fax Broadcast) command but it is not in the FAX library on my system. Where can I find it?

The additional objects needed to support the FAXBRDCST command have to be installed separately from the install CD that we sent to you. Here's what you will need to do:

  1. Load the CD into the CD drive on your AS/400 and wait for it to get up to speed (about 30 seconds).

  2. Sign on as QSECOFR to any terminal session.

  3. Enter the following command:


  4. This will create a small library named FAXADDON on your system.

  5. Enter the following command:


  6. From the list of 4 objects displayed, place a '3' next to each one and press ENTER. At the "To Library", type "FAX" and press ENTER.

At this point, the needed objects for the FAXBRDCST command will be in your main fax system library.

When I try to send a document directly from OfficeVision, it comes out as landscape on the fax. How can I change this to portrait?

In OfficeVision, use the Format Options (F20) to access the document format. From there, choose option #1 (Document Options), then option #1 (Document Format) and finally option #4 (Page layout/paper options). From this panel, roll up once and find the option called "Rotate Paper". This option should be set to the value of 2 which will enforce a rotation of zero degrees. When this is set, the output on the fax will come out correctly.

When I attempt to view a fax image on my 3489 graphics terminal, I get an error message indicating that the size of the terminal setting is incorrect. According to the documentation, I should be able to view fax images on this terminal. What am I doing wrong?

Your 3489 terminal must be connected to a model #6050 workstation controller in order to view fax images. The older model #6140 workstation controller will not support this function. If you have multiple workstation controllers and one of them is a model #6050, try connecting your 3489 terminal to that controller.

I've installed BlueFax and sending faxes works just fine. When I try to send a fax to the BlueFax modem, the AA light flashes but it never actually answers the phone and receives the fax. What should I do?

Use option #12 from the BLUEFAX menu (Work with Fax Configuration) and enter the following in the field called "Modem Init String" - ATS0=0. You should also check to make sure that the line capability is set to zero ( 0') for both inbound and outbound fax capability and that there is only one modem connected to the phone line.

Some of our users will only be using the PC client software. BlueFax sends fax delivery confirmation to their AS/400 user profile message queue but the PC client does not provide automatic notification. Is there a way to redirect the fax delivery message?

There is a system-wide setting for fax delivery message delivery. The default is to send these messages (which include non-delivery notices as well) to each registered user profile. For users with AS/400 terminal sessions, this works out well. You can change this system-wide setting to send these messages to a specific message queue (IE: QSYSOPR). This value is found when you choose option #15 from the BLUEFAX menu (Work with BlueFax systemvalues). It is at the base of the first panel displayed.

When I try to send a fax from my application by adding the ".FAXNO(....)" command in the file, BlueFax fails during the send and issues error message RPG0121 (Index array error). Am I doing something wrong?

The problem is due to a lack of clarity in the user's guide. When you code a fax number directly into your print output, the fax number must be contained within single quotes. For example, to send a fax to us, you would code the parameter ".FAXNO( 1-518-897-5003')".

When I look at the status of faxes, I don't always see all faxes in the system. How come?

The BlueFax log display will always position itself to start at "active" faxes, not at the begining of the fax list. If there are no active faxes, then it will position at the start of the list. If you want to see all faxes and the display has started with an active fax, you can press the F10 function or you can roll-up to see the rest.

Release 1 used to show the user id of the person sending the fax on the fax status display. Why can't I see this any longer on Release 2?

BlueFax Version 2 bundles faxes that are going to the same fax address. These faxes can come from different users, so it is no longer possible to show the original user for a specific outbound fax "package" since it can contain more than one fax and they could be from different sending users.

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