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BlueFax On-Line Demo #1

The following series of screens demonstrates the "Send Fax Note" feature of Blue Fax.

Demo Screen #1

To send a fax note, you select menu option #1 from the above BlueFax menu. When you select the menu option, the following screen is displayed:

Demo Screen #2

From this screen, you specify who the fax note should be sent to. You can simply enter a single location or multiple locations. This sample shows one copy going to someone who has a fax id in the BlueFax fax phone book and another copy to someone who is not in the phone book. Once the addressing is set, you press F6 to write the note information. This will result in the following screen:

Demo Screen #3

From this screen, you can enter the information that you want to send in your note. When this screen is full, you can use the ROLL-UP function and continue your note. There is no limit to the length of the note. When you are done, you just press ENTER and the previous screen is returned. To send the fax note, you just press the F10 key.

The system will then convert your note into a fax image and send it to the locations you have chosen. When the faxes are successfully delivers, the following confirmation will be sent to you at your terminal:

Demo Screen #4

The fax note has now been sent and delivered to the fax locations you chose. The fax note will look something like this:

Demo Screen #5

This graphic is a little rough, but I think you will get the general idea.

Thanks for taking the time to review this little demo of BlueFax. Remember that it is available for FREE TRIAL on your system. Just click on the order icon at the bottom of the BlueFax page to get started.

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