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In 2002, we decided to concentrate almost exclusively on our software business. At the same time, we relocated the company from Mt Kisco in northern Westchester County, NY to Saranac Lake in the Adirondack mountains of northern New York. Without the on-site requirements of consulting work, we were able to work just about anywhere that a good Internet connection was available, and I chose one of my favorite locations as our new home office. Also, rather than working with a lot of employees, we moved to a collaboration arrangement with other developers and programmers in diverse parts of the world. Today, I collaborate with a programmer still located in the Westchester NY area and also with developers in New Jersey, Spain, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia. My wife and I have been learning about living in a small town and have discovered that we like it very much with the slower pace of life and the sincerity of newly made good friends.

Another change in recent years is the collaboration needed with network services. We now sell a system monitoring tool called SNDTWEET that interfaces with Twitter. Another of our products, WebReport/i, has an interface with Google Drive for sharing spool file contents. Many of our products now also sport a browser interface in addition to the more traditional terminal interface. All of this has been driven by the interconnection of IBM i shops with their customers and with a more diverse workforce.

After 30 years, there are still weeks when we wonder if we’re going to get all the bills paid on time, but it has been a really wonderful experience. We’ve made good friends with customers all over the world and enjoyed providing good solutions for IT professionals in the IBM i world. If faced with the same decision to head down this same road, I think I’d take it in a heartbeat. Here’s looking forward to the next 30 years.

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