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Kisco Turns Thirty!

- By Rich Loeber, President and Founder - June 2014

My PDA tells me that "Founder's Day" is right around the corner. When I checked the date, I found that this is the 30th such observance. Can it be that Kisco Information Systems has been up and running for that long?

As I think about it, my thoughts return to my career as a Data Processing Manager for a small International division of PepsiCo, Inc. I had been with various divisions of the corporation going on 16 years and in that particular job for over 9 years. I had been pushing for a couple of years for a transfer/promotion when I went to that fateful corporate conference for all Data Processing divisional managers. It was at that meeting that my fate at PepsiCo was sealed.

During the course of the conference, a discussion topic near and dear to my heart came up. Namely, the inter-divisional transfer of talented people in the computer field. This is just what I'd been pushing for. My bubble was burst, however, when the matter of fact was revealed that the only candidates for such transfer would have to own a MASTER'S DEGREE or better. Yikes! I was sitting there with my high school diploma and 20+ years of experience, but it counted for nothing in the corporate world of standard policies.

Around that same time, I was taking on a few private consulting accounts in the evenings and some weekends. I was sharing my experience at the PepsiCo conference with the president of one of these clients when, out of the blue, he said "Why don't you leave them and become a full time consultant? We need more work done here than you can do nights and weekends. I'll guarantee you 2 years worth of work and I'll personally introduce you to several other company presidents that I know are in need of computer help. This was all I needed to hear, I resigned from PepsiCo, redid the garage in my home to become a business office and Kisco Information systems was born on June 28, 1984.

On day one of Kisco Information Systems our checking account was overdrawn and I had one customer with one outstanding invoice that, when paid, would cover the overdraft and put some food on the table. I did not own my own computer, not even one of the newfangled PCs that were slowly gaining acceptance at that time. In addition to my home office, my one client provided me with working office space that included access to his IBM System/36.

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